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A bed weight is a simple solution to traction problems encountered by pickup truck drivers in dangerous road conditions. Empty pickup truck beds can cause hazardous driving conditions on icy roads or unstable ground. To provide extra security for truck owners, sand bags and other weighted material have been used in truck beds to increase weight. The problem with many of these techniques is that the weighted material may have the tendency to shift around, and bags of sand can burst open if they are damaged, spilling sand throughout the truck bed. Others have tried using cement filled spare tires, a method that may add extra weight, but may also lead to shifting problems as well becoming a danger of its own if it falls from the truck bed. This also wastes a spare tire. Shur Trax™ created an easy method of truck bed stabilization using a bed weight that is refillable and stores away easily. This can improve on formerly homemade technology.

Winter road conditions can inhibit travel for all types of vehicles, and pickup trucks pose an increased threat on icy roads. Many car owners use cat litter or another type of bagged sand product in their trunks to add weight to their rear wheels. Pickup trucks have a higher profile, and when empty, a lightweight bed than can lead to excessive sliding in poor driving conditions. Most pickup truck owners intend to use their vehicle year round, either for commercial, recreation, or basic transportation. Storing the truck away for the winter is generally not a viable option. Due to this, truck owners for years have come up with creative solutions to issue of bed weight.

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